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What makes our Bamboo Nest so special?


Our Bamboo Nest makes an ultra soft and breathable nursing cover that gives you 360 coverage with endless options, and becomes the perfect blanket for those sweet post-feeding snuggles. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, so it's perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. It's also moisture wicking and 3x more absorbent than cotton for those happy milky burps.

Car seat cover:

Babies recognize colors and patterns as early as two months, so the Bamboo Nest provides an insulating and familiar environment for them wherever life takes them! Note: always safety check to make sure that your nest is not covering any of the car seat latches for secure attachment.

Cart cover:

More germs are found on shopping carts than in public restrooms! Keep your baby safe by using our naturally antibacterial Bamboo Nest as a cart cover while you shop! No snaps, buttons, or clasps- just stretch it over the seat and handle, then get shopping!