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I bought two "knock off" versions that were cheaper, which goes to show the saying you get what you pay for! I don't even use those. The Nest is so completely superior. The fabric is insanely soft and breathable. I use it all the time and get compliments everyday. I love now that it is summer I can provide coverage for my son on walks and know he is still getting fresh air. I also LOVE that it provides UV protection! I also really like that the opening is so big- makes nursing easy! I am itching to give this as baby shower gifts- it's one of those things you don't know how great it is or how much you need it, so that's a perfect gift, something you wouldn't think of on your own! Forgive any spelling errors, I'm trying to pump out this review while my baby naps. You know I love a product if I'm spending this precious nap time writing a review! I just had to rave about it.
– Lisa Macaya, Oregon

 I seriously get compliments on my Nest everywhere we go! Every time I’m asked about it, I always say, it's my "go-to." I would recommend it as a MUST for new moms!
-Mickenzie, Tennessee

“My son has his security blanket. The Nest is mine.”
Jenn, Georgia

I think it's safe to say that I am a Native Wilds junkie! Easily the best baby purchase yet as far as use goes! Our car seat is never without a Nest because I'm a modest germaphobe. I love using it as a nursing cover and also a shopping cart cover.
-Corey, Nebraska

I just love how FUNCTIONAL the Nest is: multipurpose, breathable, stylish and soft.The fabric is the best and I love how my Nest matches everything
-Becca, Pennsylvania 

Fits like a glove! My son is 8 weeks old tomorrow and we love it, it keeps him focused when he eats and nice and snug. I'm so in love with it I think I need another one!
-Tali, Israel

I get stopped constantly from people asking me where I got my Nest! I love to talk to excited moms about how fun and versatile it is. It's modern and trendy, just my style.
-Karen, California 

A friend texted and said she was sending me the ultimate nursing cover! I wasn't sure what to think, but then my Nest arrived. I love the design and material. When we are out and about, my daughter is comfortable when nursing, and I love how the stretch in the fabric supports her.
-Michelle, California

The Nest is literally such an essential to our every day life! I started using it in January and it kept my little one away from the cold winter winds. Now in April, I am still able to use it because the fabric is so light that it doesn't over heat when I cover my little one up as she sleeps.
-Scarly, South Carolina