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The Nest® is a naturally derived, 100% USA made car seat cover, nursing scarf, and cart cover all in one with a built-in pocket. Babies recognize colors and patterns as early as two months, so the Nest® provides a familiar environment wherever life takes them! It was designed without a tapered end for flexible coverage options, so you can maintain eye contact with your babe while they are nursing or cruising in their car seat! The patented pocket stores essentials like cell phone, keys, or teething toys, while being used on a car seat or shopping cart! 
The Nest® is made with eco-friendly, technical fabric sourced from sustainably grown Eucalyptus trees and there’s really nothing it can’t do! It’s ultra-soft and breathable, naturally antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. It regulates temperature, wicks moisture and is sun protective against UV rays.

Note from Susanna:
I was inspired to create the Nest® by my babies born 13 months apart, Judah (3 years old) and Willa (2 years old). I suddenly found myself needing so much baby gear to go out during the day and wanted items that were multi-purpose, easy to transport, and reflected her personal style. My dream is to continue to design products that simplify motherhood and connect women in the journey.

The Nest™ is patent pending.