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Native Wilds

 We create tools for the journey of motherhood that are ethically made and locally sourced in Los Angeles start to finish. We're proud to be part of the 3% of products made in the U.S.A. and ensure our Nest® is made by people we know and trust. 

Dye House
We work with an eco-friendly dye house that uses solar panels to run their entire facility! Each shibori Nest™ is dyed by hand and totally unique! 

Our eco-friendly, custom fabric is harvested from the wood pulp of sustainably grown trees! We mill it from scratch right here in downtown Los Angeles. Our cut and sew factory is just a few miles away from our mill, and each Nest™ is handmade by local artisans!


Note from Susanna

 Native Wilds has grown right along with my family. My son Judah (three years) and daughter Willa (two years) were born 13 months apart which is the reason why I designed the Nest®! I suddenly found myself needing so much baby gear to go out during the day and I wanted items that were multi-purpose, easy to transport, and reflected my personal style. 

Giving Back
Empowering women is the heartbeat of Native Wilds. 
Whether it’s designing products that make a mom’s day a little easier, or supporting our partner organization World Wide Healing Hands who provides maternal healthcare in developing countries, empowering women is a part of everything we do! 

$1 from each sale is donated to invest in life-saving birth kits and maternal healthcare for mama's in the most underserved areas of the world. One woman dies every two minutes due to pregnancy complications, 99% of these maternal deaths occur in developing countries and almost all of them are preventable. A clean birth kit can reduce maternal and child mortality, and begins a cycle of health and well-being that stretches much farther than the home it is used in. We believe that when women thrive, all of society benefits!

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